5 Myths About Fragrances

Fragrances offer a pleasant smell that can be sweet, fresh or even referred to as woody. This pleasurable odour can bring back memories but what are the common misunderstandings about fragrances?

1. Cologne and Perfume: This is a common misconception that cologne refers to men and perfume refers to women. However, those terms refer to the concentration of scent oils in the fragrance which is a gender neutral term.

2. Fragrances don’t go off: This is actually false. Fragrances should be kept in your bathroom as heat and moisture can cause scent oils to break down quicker effecting the smell.

3. The smell test: When you enter a fragrance store, spray a piece of test paper and smell it this is ineffective. Fragrances smell different when mixed with your natural skin oils. This is something to consider.

4: The spray cloud: We’ve all seen it. That person who sprays and walks through the spray cloud. The most effective way to apply a fragrance is to add it to warmer areas of the body allows fragrances to dissipate evenly throughout the day.

5. Fragrances smell the same throughout the day: Fragrances actually change throughout the day after being worn for a period of time.

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