Why Choose The Timberland Boot?

Timberland began as a boat shoe designed to prevent people on boats slipping over. Over time Timberland have become a fashionable shoe. So what makes Timberlands so special and why choose the Timberland boot?

1. High-quality shoe 

Timberland, to begin with, is a very sturdy shoe. That is their unique selling point. However, the shoe is a lot more than just sturdy. They are flexible and lightweight considering the size of the shoe. They are highly comfortable and their sturdiness and style make them perfect for any occasion.

2. Ideal for all seasons 

Timberland shoes are perfect for colder conditions in weather such as snow. Timberland shoes protect you against freezing conditions. Timberlands are also suitable for all other seasons. Whether it be autumn, spring or even summer. Timberland shoes are breathable and comfortable.

3. Recyclable

The majority of Timberland shoes are made from recyclable materials. For example, the Timberland Earthkeepers soles made using Green Rubber is created with 42% recycled rubber. A minimum 50% of the materials utilised to craft earth keepers shoes can be recycled or reused.

4. Come in a range of colours

Although a lot of people opt for the brown Timberland. Timberlands come in a number of different colours. From black to even a light blue. These colours are stylish and fit the needs of different individuals.

5. All occasions

Timberland shoes can be used on the construction site because of their sturdiness. They are also suitable for a number of other occasions like walking or as standard outdoor wear.


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