What You Need To Know About The New Hey Dude Trainer?

Hey Dude is a brand of shoe built on Italian style, light and comfortable footwear and innovative design.

The latest addition to Hey Dude is the Mistral Airflow trainer. This is a unisex style shoe that runs in line with Dude’s lightweight and comfort functionality.

What is the idea of the Mistral Airflow Trainer?

The idea behind the Mistral Airflow trainer is a stylish trainer so suit any environment. This is why it has innovative drainage ports on the outer sole unit giving the shoe enhanced ventilation and breathability.

What makes the Mistral Airflow trainer so comfortable?

Mistral Airflows have a honeycomb, hexagon structure made on elastic / rubber cage. This is layered between a breathable mesh upper and soft inner lining. Overall, this provides comfort and ensures security to your foot without a tight lace.

What makes the Mistral Airflow lightweight?

The Mistral Airflow shoe comes in at just 185g which is the normal weight for an elite running shoe. Consider the additional layers of the trainer to combat ventilation and water drainage and this makes it even more incredible.

What makes the shoe stand out?

The main talking point of the Mistral Airflow is its drainage design. This allows free movement of water and air. There is also a mesh filter which sits between the sole and insole to prevent debris from entering the inner of the shoe. This makes the amphibious sports shoe perfect for outdoor activities. The bottom of the shoe is also designed for added grip making the shoe perfect for all environments.

The shoe is available in Navy, Black and Grey for men and Black and Grey for women. The mistral Airflow is the next generation of shoe design with the advantage of breathability and aeration achieved through its incredible design.

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