New City Sandblasting

New City Sandblasting Services Ltd specialises in wet and dry blast cleaning of stone, brick, steel and timber. No matter how big or how small the project is, we have your sandblasting needs covered. Our experience spans over 30 years and we have carried out blast cleaning services on tanks and vessels amongst other things during that time. Blast cleaning, also known as sand blasting, shot blasting and grit blasting, is the process of cleaning products and structures by propelling an abrasive medium at the surface using compressed air. New City Sandblasting typically uses a recycled glass medium to clean wood, stone, brick and metal. Abrasive grit and sand blasting cleans and treats a surface and is widely used in a variety of different industries. The process can even be carried out domestically to renovate a house or driveway. It has a diverse purpose and can be used to remove rust, prepare surfaces for new high performance coatings or treat final products to give them luster and surface text that will catch the retail consumer’s eye.

The sandblasting process involves accelerating an abrasive material through a blasting nozzle by means of compressed air. The abrasive material used depends on a variety of factors including the surface, the treatment it requires and the location of the surface. New City Sandblasting Service Ltd has a dedicated team of experts all willing to undertake any sandv blasting service. They will ensure all safety measures are taking into account before the work is carried out and then perform to the best possible standards to ensure you have a finish you can be proud of.

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