Outdoor Living Rooms

Outdoor living rooms and our sister company Modular Sips was formed to offer new innovative products using the fantastic SIP panel system. Our Directors have a wealth of knowledge in the Design, construction, Landscaping and Timber Products Manufacture sectors.

We have combined our experiences to design a system which is truly unique and have introduced it to many sectors in the UK. Predominately the sips system is used to build houses, initially in America and Europe since the 1930’s, but is becoming the Architects and contractors preferred method of building here in the UK. Modular Sips have taken this system and engineered it to produce high insulated, structurally efficient buildings and introduced it to many sectors. It enables us to offer the buildings of the future, with cutting edge design, long building life spans and a thermally efficient shell. We have introduced this system for Garden Rooms, to Modular Garages, the next generation of lodges and park homes, the storage market, eliminating condensation and introducing stylish looks, to modular portable commercial buildings which no longer look like steel boxes. Modular Sips are the first SIP manufacturer to offer such a diverse range of products, all of which have been designed and manufactured from our sites in the Ribble Valley and Blackburn, both in Lancashire. Modular Sips set out to create a true Sip Kit, that companies and individuals can construct with ease, and produce buildings with style.

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