How to solve your boiler issues

Do you know what’s causing that kettle-type noise coming from your boiler? Are you dying to get to the bottom of why your radiators won’t get any warmer? Take a look at these common central heating issues, and find out what boiler repairs in St Annes you might need.

  1. Icy cold water that just doesn’t want to warm up

We’ve all been there: it’s hours before the big day and you have a million meetings to attend, but the shower just decides it doesn’t want to give out any hot water. If your boiler is rather old, the problem might be down to ageing and worn parts, or high pressure could be to blame. Don’t waste time trying to sort the issue without calling a professional in, as you’ll only make the problem worse; it’s always best to contact a Gas Safe registered engineer in such situations.

  1. Radiators that are cold to the touch

Years of dust, dirt and grime can accumulate in your central heating system, which can stop your radiators working. There’s no need to sit around your house in thick jumpers – just call a Gas Safe engineer and the problem will be solved in no time.

  1. A kettling boiler

If your boiler is kettling, water can’t flow through it because the system is clogged with limescale and grime. You’ll know if your boiler has this problem because it will sound just like a boiling kettle. It can usually be solved with the help of a professionally executed flush.

  1. A puddle of water

If a puddle of water mysteriously forms around your boiler, it’s probably leaking. Ask a Gas Safe engineer to check for wear and tear on parts, as well as corrosion around your pipes.

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