5 reasons why Espadrilles are the hottest shoe for a hot day

Espadrilles are the rope-soled shoes that originate from Valencia, Spain. They are Spain’s answer to the flip-flop. Espadrilles are an athleisure footwear shoe. Starting as a casual flat shoe, they can now be trainers, wedges or even high-heeled shoes. Espadrilles are popular for their flexible rope-sole made of jute thread. They also feature a canvas or cotton fabric upper. The uppers can very in style whereas the rope-sole is synonymous with the Espadrilles. So why are the Espradilles the hottest shoes to have this summer?

1. Comfort: 

With a breakable canvas upper and a strong and sturdy sole Espadrilles are perfect for the beach or cobbles. These shoes are made for walking and that’s just what they will do. These shoes were raised on the beaches and are comfortable even for the streets of LA. The perfect summer shoe.

2. Environmentally friendly:

 Espadrilles are made from two pieces, the sole and the upper. This means little energy and material is spent on the shoe. As well as this they are easy to dispose of. Espadrilles are 100% bio-degradable and recyclable.

3. Tradition: 

As mentioned Espadrilles hold a place in shoe history. First created in the 13th Century they have been around for a long time. The shoe then made an effective resurgence in the 70’s on the beaches of Valencia. Espadrilles were the original Hand woven shoe made from the highest quality material.

4. Versatile:

Although Espadrilles started out as Slip on shoes like flip flops they now come in a range of styles. There are now Espadrilles wedges and even sneakers. 

5. Smart: 

Although Espadrilles look little a simple shoe they go with pretty much any outfit. Whether it is a casual blazer, a pair of swimming shorts or a dress. The simplicity of Espadrilles makes them effective with any outfit.

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