Why we love Crocs (And you should too!)

If you’re looking for the ultimate summer footwear then look no further than a pair of Crocs. The Crocs brand is perfect for ladies and men’s footwear. The fun and original unisex brand are a must have for summer. If you’re not already convinced let me explain why we love Crocs so much.

1. Fashionable

Crocs are the ultimate stylish shoe because they are so original and come in a vast range of colours. Crocs also made an appearance in London fashion week this year highlighting the brand’s style.

2. Available in a range of shoe types

Remember the popularity of the Crocs clogs? Crocs are also available in a range of different shoe types. Crocs are available as sandals, wedges, flip flops, ballet flats and the very stylish swift wear shoe. So if you’re chilling by the pool, walking through the beach park or even going for a run crocs are perfect for you.

3. Any age and any gender

As mentioned Crocs is a unisex shoe and you can wear them regardless of your gender. As well as this your whole family can wear Crocs because of the style, variety of shoe types and quality of the shoe. Crocs come in a range of designs and models include laces, straps or slip on shoes to suit all age ranges.

4. Quality of the shoe

The most significant factor of Crocs is its quality. The Crocs Crosslite foam material makes the shoes comfortable, lightweight and breathable. Crocs are also easy to clean and for easy to put on and take off. Did I mention Crocs are super comfortable?

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